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Rodney and his team have over 90 years of construction experience. Over the past 7 years, Rodney and his team have developed a process that ensures projects are designed and completed on or under budget 100% of the time.  






Due Diligence and Feasibility

For 5 years and counting, 100% of projects have been completed on or under budget.

This step is the foundation of the process that is the absolute key to a successful, on budget, project. Jesus clearly states in Luke 14:28-29 that prior to building one should calculate the cost for completion.  The greatest danger for many is that “all the costs” are not considered prior to beginning design.  We have developed the right way to consider the “entire project cost”- not just the building cost – before we begin design. This assures that there will be no surprises after design.


Design and Pricing

Design and Pricing


Designing the project to budget requires accurate pricing from the first concept plan. This is a tedious, pain staking process that provides extremely accurate design parameters to keep your project design within your budget.

Permit and Bidding

This step in the process requires much work from our team.  It is much more that getting a few bids and accepting the lowest price. We work to get the right scope and the right price to again insure you remain well within your budgetary parameters.


Construction Management

This method of delivering your project allows you the most control, flexibility, and complete transparency of the entire process including all billing data. We manage the entire process for you but allow you to exercise as much input and control as you desire.